Welcome to the Big Social

Everything you need to to promote your event, ask for donations or encourage your pals to take part, is right here on this page!

Social media tips

  1. Share your involvement!

    Let your friends know that you’re doing the Big Social by sharing a photo or graphic with the hashtag #bigsocial.

  2. Easy placement: Add your Big Social page link to your social profile bios and pin a post on Facebook.

    Make it easy for your friends and family to find your fundraising page by adding it to your Instagram or Twitter profile and pinning a post with the link on your Facebook page.

  3. Post the fun things you’re doing for your Big Social and ask for support to reach your goals

    Post about what you’re doing for your Big Social and share photos of every step along the way — from cooking your meal to sharing or delivering to friends and family, for example. Don’t forget to ask for their help to reach your goal.

Social post suggestions

Not sure what to say in your posts? No worries. We’ve got you covered with post copy for each stage of your Big Social.


I’m excited to do the #BigSocial this year — a national event that raises funds for low-income communities. Let’s cook up some good!

Let’s set the table for change! I’m hosting an event for the #BigSocial to support low-income communities to access good food.

Come together. Eat together. Give together. The #BigSocial is a national fundraiser that brings healthy food to low-income communities. I’m proud to participate!

Encourage your friends to host

I challenge [@yourfriend’shandle] to join me for The Big Social in support of [CFCC /local CFC] and their work to make sure low-income communities have access to good food. Let’s cook up some good! #BigSocial

Issue a food-challenge to your friends

I know that my [your meal here] is better than @friendhandle’s. I challenge you to a cooking challenge / bake-off as part of the #BigSocial. Are you in?

Ask for donations

I’m doing the Big Social and raising money for [CFCC or local CFC] to make sure low-income communities have access to good food. Will you help me hit my goal? You can donate to my fundraising page here [your fundraising page link]. #BigSocial

Thank your donors

A big thanks to everyone who donated to my #BigSocial fundraiser! Together, we raised $XX for [CFCC or local CFC] to support essential food programming, like cooking classes for seniors, food literacy for kids, or healthy meals and groceries for low-income families.

FUNdraising tips

Here are a few simple ideas to help make your Big Social event a fundraising success. Read on for tips about going virtual, connecting cross-country and staying safe.

  1. Set a fundraising goal. Consider how many people you’re inviting to take part and how many donations you’ll need to reach your goal.

  2. Donate to pave the way! By self-donating first, you’ll motivate your guests to follow suit.

  3. Personalize your page. Your fundraising page should be a reflection of you! Add a personal message about why you’re taking part and share the direct link to inspire others.

  4. Spread the word! Tell your family and friends that you’re doing the Big Social. Share your fundraising page and your plan — whether it’s to cook or bake, share a special recipe, or reconnect with your closest. And be sure to ask for donations.

  5. Promote why you’re doing the Big Social. Let everyone know why you’re taking part in the Big Social and why you care about food insecurity in your community.

  6. Ask for donations on social. Post about your Big Social on social media and don’t be afraid to ask friends and family to donate and help you reach your goal.

  7. Can’t attend? Donate, please! For family and friends who can’t make it, ask if they can donate to still support your Big Social. Every little bit counts.

  8. Follow-up! Schedules get busy. Send a reminder email and consider following up with anyone who hasn’t confirmed they can participate.

  9. Share food, change lives! If you haven’t reached your fundraising goal by the day of your event, not to worry. The day-of is a great time to motivate, connect and share the cause.

  10. Say thanks. Don’t forget to thank the people who make a donation. Send them a quick, personalized thank you note. Not sure what to say? You can use the example copy below.

Emails you can use


Dear [add name],

I'm raising money for Community Food Centres Canada and partner Community Food Centres as part of the Big Social!

I’ve stepped up because <… add your reason>.

You’re invited to attend my event, [add your page url].

As part of my Big Social, I've set a fundraising goal of $[add your goal] to help fight food insecurity. Please donate and join me today!

Your donation will support food programs that allow community members to eat well, cook healthy, connect with their communities, and take action on the issues that affect their lives.

Being part of the Big Social connects us both to a national movement to fight poverty and food insecurity in Canada.

Our support is needed now more than ever: during the pandemic, food insecurity increased from 1 in 8 Canadians to 1 in 7. With an uncertain economic recovery, this is bound to increase even more.

Any amount helps, and making a donation only takes a minute. Help me meet my fundraising goal by making an online donation on my page [add your page url].

Yours in good food and social change,

[Add your name]

Thank you

Dear [add name],

I know it’s corny but you’re a-maize-ing.

Thank you for donating to my Big Social event! Your donation to Community Food Centres Canada and partner Community Food Centres will support community members in eating well, cooking healthy, connecting with their communities, and taking action on the issues that affect their lives.

I’m so glad you’re with me! Being part of the Big Social connects us both to a national movement to fight poverty and food Insecurity in Canada.

Thanks again!

[add your name]

PS. You can learn more about the cause at at cfccanada.ca!